Each lesson contains reading and video examples/tutorials to watch. You are free to print the lessons or save as pdf's to your computer to refer back to later.

Before You Start Filming

Camera Settings - Video Format Systems, Frame Rates, Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed

Gear Must Have's (and nice to have's) - Memory Cards, Lenses, Filters, Audio Equipment, Lighting Gear, Stabilisation Techniques (Download: My Gear List)


Filmmaking Fundamentals

Lesson 1: Mastering Manual Focus

Lesson 2: Camera Movements

Lesson 3: Editing Tutorials + Assignment ONE


Visual Storytelling

Lesson 4: How to Recognise and Film a Scene

Lesson 5: When and How to use B-Roll Footage

Lesson 6: How to Edit a Scene Tutorial + Assignment TWO


Working with Families

Lesson 7: Uncovering Client Stories

Lesson 8: Developing Story on Location

Lesson 9: Choosing the Right Music

Lesson 10: Switching between Stills and Video

Lesson 11: Pricing and Marketing Strategies for Families

Lesson 12: Colour Grading Tutorials + Assignment THREE


Working with Small Businesses

Lesson 13: Advantages + Telling Their Story

Lesson 14: Pricing + Workflow

Bonus Lesson: How to Create a Showreel for your Business (1 Example Showreel + 2 Tutorial Videos)