My workshop isn't just for people that are new to filming. See this before and after from a photographer who taught herself video before taking my workshop and see the difference between her two films of the exact same session scenario.


Zara-Jane England from Zara-Jane Photography // Website // Facebook

I have done a before / after the Filming Life Workshop film! I shot this little film for my friend a few weeks prior to starting the Filming Life Workshop. She is a photographer herself and talked to me about making a film of her putting her son to sleep as he is starting to transition to his own bed. We talked about specific things that she wanted to have included prior to the shoot. When the day came, I wasn't able to get out before sunset, so I asked her to shoot a little 'atmosphere footage' (didn't know what else to call it at the time), so the first few scenes (including the shower) she shot herself - just handheld. I was really happy about the lovely moments I captured in this film and found a great song to match. It's still unfinished, as I lost motivation with it when I started learning in this workshop and decided to do a re-shoot. (see the first video below)

Fast forward about 6 weeks and I have learned so much from Courtney Holmes and this amazing workshop! This time I made it a priority to get to her place before sunset and get some b-roll footage to really help set the scene. We also did questionnaires and I was able to uncover some really important information to make the film even more special. The house we shot the film at was her childhood home. She has many memories looking out at the view at sunset; playing outside in the trees and living in the walls that she calls her home. Her home has many personal touches and I incorporated as much as I could! She loves indoor plants and has many photos displayed around her house. I also uncovered that growing up her mum used to sing her a special song as a lullaby. This song was Jesus Christ Superstar's 'Everything's Alright'. I talked to my music whiz genius brother and he put together some music that incorporates rifts from that song at key points in the story. (Using the same music as the first film) He did a brilliant job of mixing and blending it. Hearing that special song in the music made my friend cry! This was a pretty good indication that I had done something right. 

I had never experimented with adding audio to family films before, but luckily I had already purchased a RODE mic for a different project. I can’t believe how much difference the little clips of audio makes. I feel like it really brings you into the film and makes you a part of the action. My final film tells a much better, holistic story that is much deeper and honest. Whilst a lot of the shots are similar to the first (in terms of angles etc) I felt like I executed them a lot better, and used skills like panning, dolley, pedestal to help bring the viewer into the story. You will notice the white balance in the film is quite yellow from the artificial light... but I purposely allowed this to happen as I wanted to go with an ambient moody feel. So without further ado, here is my final film: 'Hold me Close'

BEFORE taking the Filming Life workshop (password 'lincoln'):

AFTER the Filming Life Workshop: