Camera Equipment

You will need to own a DSLR with video functionality, a lens, and a camera strap in working order. You will also need a fast SD or CF card made for filming. You do not need to have any audio equipment to do this course, in camera audio is fine.


I edit with Premiere Pro, and therefore teach it during this course. You'll need to download at least the trial version (I recommend Adobe CC) within the first week of the course. The trial lasts 7 days, and then it's around $30 per month after. You are not locked into a contract and can cancel at any time. If you are already comfortable working in a different program (Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc) it's ok to continue using that program and it's entirely up to you if/when you switch.


I have a wide range of skill levels take my course. You need to be comfortable shooting manual, but you do not need to have prior knowledge of shooting video.