Filming Life | Nashville TN Retreat 5-8 July

Learn the art of creating beautiful, emotional films for families during this 2 day + 3 night retreat geared at family photographers and filmmakers.

Includes: 3 nights accomodation + meals + 2 full workshop days

Limited spots available. 

Location: Nashville TN (12min from Nashville Airport) at a beautiful log cabin set on 5 acres. 

Attendees arrive by 5pm on the 5th, we spend all day learning the 6 & 7th, and then wrap up the morning of the 8th by 10am.

Price: $1850AUD (approx $1385USD - check the exchange rate at

Alumni students get a 20% discount off the price of the retreat.

Need a payment plan? No problem, the price for the retreat with a payment plan is $1950. Email me at and I'll set up an invoice for you.

Who's this for: Photographers who want to dig deeper in learning how to create films for families. Ideally you will come to the workshop knowing the basics of how to film with your camera and how to edit a basic short film. There will be a very quick review of basics and fundamentals at the start to make sure everyone is on the same page but this retreat is targeted at expanding on existing skills and pushing yourselves creatively. I plan on including time for critiques in the workshop, so I'll have participants send through one film to be critiqued during the retreat. There will be time set aside for shooting in the field, an in depth discussion on how to approach scenes, and more. 

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Topics covered:

Practical/Technical -

Gear Essentials and Nice to Have's

The Documentary Approach

The Structure of a Story

Planning for a Family Session

Capturing the Perfect Audio

Understanding the Relevance of B-Roll for Family Films and it's Purpose

Knowing When to Shoot for Stills and When to Shoot for Video

Knowing When to Switch between Slow Motion and Standard Frame Rates

Film Scene Studies

Finding the Light Excercises

The Three Most Important Things to Remember when Filming a Family

How to Shoot for the Edit

BTS Video at a Full Family Session

REAL LIFE SHOOT: Kitchen Scene with a real Family

Marketing: How to Get your Message Across to your Audience

Pricing: Pricing for Profitability


Editing -

How to Colour Match Stills in LR with Video in Premiere Pro

Editing a Scene

Musical Phrasing and How it Impacts your Edit

Mixing Slow Motion and Standard Frame Rates on the Timeline

Editing to tell a Story

Transitioning between Scenes

Advanced Editing Techniques - Shortcuts and Timesavers

Editing/Syncing Audio

Sourcing Music

And on top of all of that, there will be time for individual critiques for each person.

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Alumni students get a 20% discount off the retreat price!