Image by my gorgeous friend Nat Knight

Image by my gorgeous friend Nat Knight

My story...

When I was a little girl, we used to spend a week every summer at the beach in Destin, FL. My dad would sit in a beach chair with his video camera in hand (back in the VHS days!!), filming us chasing the waves and collecting seashells. I can remember how I felt watching those videos years later as a child, a teenager, and an adult. The way my heart filled with nostalgia, how my senses reacted so strongly to those clips to the point that I could almost feel the sun on my skin and taste the salt on my lips again. I'm overwhelmed with emotions every time I watch those videos, even today.

I first started filming with my camera in 2013. From the moment I created my first film of my daughter I knew that this was something other people NEED to have. It stirred so many more emotions within me than photos ever have, and I knew from that moment that this was a turning point for me. I made a promise to myself to work as hard as I possibly could to make this available for other families. 

That initial drive to create films for families has extended past just my own clients and into teaching other photographers how to create films. So that hopefully through educating other photographers, I can reach far more families than I could if I was just doing it on my own.

I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband and two kids and I run a successful photography and film business focusing primarily on families and small businesses. My work has been featured in communities, blogs, and publications such as Beyond the Wanderlust, Fearless and Framed, Looks Like Film, Mozi Mag, Journey to Artist, Clickin Moms and Dear Photographer.